“Our goal was to create a rapidly deployable, scalable infrastructure fostering network level integration of physical and behavioral health, focused on making data available to our partners and providing performance improvement support that made this data actionable.

In order to meet this goal, we needed an expert in the field that could support the development of this infrastructure and lead our team to support our key regional partners. Our partnership with MP Care Solutions, led by Howard Brill, SVP Population Health Management and Quality was the key to our success.

In early 2022, we launched the QUIC (Quality Utilization and Integrated Care) dashboard to our twelve behavioral health and substance use disorder partner organizations. This web based dashboard uses Microsoft Power BI for visualization, proving an opportunity to monitor the status of eleven quality metrics, including the patient connection to primary care.

Our partnership with MP CareSolutions is making a difference in the way we approach care gaps across the care delivery landscape, enhancing our ability to focus on whole person care.

Adirondacks ACO, LLC
Karen Ashline, Vice President