Monroe Plan Introduces Thrive at Home “Gap Closure” Program

Our Thrive at Home offers a no cost, additional clinical resource to our IPA providers.
Our Thrive at Home Outreach and Clinical Team will schedule and perform preventative testing and follow up right in the patients home which makes all the difference in reaching difficult-to-engage Medicaid and HARP patients.

We know that Medicaid and HARP patients often face significant obstacles to getting to the care they need such as limited transportation, childcare, and economic means. We also know that limited practice resources and time can impact quality of care. The in-home services provided through Thrive at Home can augment your team AND help patients overcome obstacles to accessing care. Most importantly, this program can serve as a gateway to reconnecting the patient with their primary and specialist caregivers! To learn more, please contact Samantha Tolbert, Clinical Quality Program Manager at